(Giving You, Your Time Back.)

We created the worlds 1st, Exclusive, Fully Interactive & Digitized Business Directory.
Now your clients can easily find and visit your business without a website.
We then added Amazing, Conversational AI so that your clients can ask anything as they Browse, Book or Buy inside your business 24/7/365.

Biggest benefit/s?

No Rent

(Its Digitized)

No Staff

(Its Conversational AI)

No Stock

(Its Images, and the information behind it, is AI)

No Weather

(No storms on the Internet)

No Riots

(Nothing to damage Here)

No Theft

(Products are Digitized)

No Website

(Your Business is your website.)

No Lock Down in a Pandemic … EVER again!


For Your Clients?

A World First on Convenience – (Any Place, Any Time, Any Smart Device)

Even Grandma can go shopping!


Johann, What About Our Social Media Stuff?

Got you covered. You Post the Fun, Authentic & Real Stuff, AI manages the admin. 

No Way! Yes Way!

To Register Your Business Listing We Have …

Simple Pricing that makes perfect Sense, and the process is … FAST

1 Registration Form

1 Booking for a quick Visit …

& 1 Week later … we Launch a Clean Slate of your business.

(PS: All Products & Services can be listed here with NO Ad Spend costs on the platform.)

What about Marketing?

Simple enough thus far? Lets keep the SECRET SAUCE for the Serious Businesses, Shall we 😉

See you in the Future today, See you Inside.


February 29/2024

Test it out. Just ask our AI Assistant, bottom right, anything you want about Browzor, or just ask something like … “how do I or where can I …  register” and experience Conversational AI Information. “It’s better than I am on a Phone!”

(PS: The Same is built in for you day 1, and then we optimize to automate.)

Amazing, isn’t it?

This Page changes when the clock hits ZERO 

See you inside.

Kind Regards