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Below is a Proposed Listing Card View of our Front Page link to 360 Services.

This will be displayed with an interactive Google Map on top. 

Everything is dynamicly populated to look similar to the listing cards below.

(We’ll look at popular requests inside and change this look/feel if needed.)

How this works:

More Training Inside: Starting Monday 27 May 2024

  1. Pick your option below that reflects your interest.
  2. Fill in the Form which creates your listing dynamically and links you to …
  3. PayPal for a One Time Registration Fee or an Annual option without + 2 Months FREE. (This helps us understand pricing options.)
    1. Registration will get everything ready and you will be live to share with clients and for us to refer you, but …
    2. In order to get your commissions paid, we’ll have to link to Stripe for the commissions activated accounts. (Starting August 1st 2024 as well as your commission/s links.)
    3. (Please get your Stripe account ready if you do not have one yet.)

Stop Talking Johann … Let’s Set this up!


DIY (Do It Yourself) Listings

Limited tickets at these prices are available which I will serve personally:

The goal is to see if or where it breaks before we go live.

(I’ll invite around 250 x VR, AR & 360 Photographers per day for a limited period.)

Form 1: DIY (Single Photographer):
$97 Registration
($97 p/month with Stripe thereafter, starting August 2024)

Like things simple and being independant: So do I, so this one is for you.

  • What we need:
    • A 360 Tour lof your Office. (This is what we’ll link to via your listing.)
      • Make your space amazing, add some plants etc.
  • Hotspots.
    • Add your About, Pricing and standard website type information details on top of your tour’s front door. (This way Browzors will know exactly where to find your business info via hotspots fast.)
      • Note: Your Booking Page is the most important thing and should be clear so clients can simply click on that to book a tour. Simply link to your websites page or link directly to your bookings.com or similar service page.
      • Portfolio Link
        • Link a hotspot to all your Tours. (I suggest you create a single Page on your website with all of them on there.)
          • A Potential Client can now see everything you have done, Plus old clients can see the value of being listed. (Perhaps all those Freebies you did or do gets you paid now. $$$)
  • Clients can Search for your services or search for you directly on Browzor.com and you’ll appear via GeoLocation for area searches.
  • You get a listing mention in the B-Book for your area when that opens. (More on that inside.)
  • A Surprize Browzor Exclusive link to your Tour. (More on that inside.)
  • We’ll email you Marketing goodies which you can have printed/made to share with clients etc… (More on that inside.)
  • Note: Hotspots are completely DIY, but you have full access the training on how to optimize your business as well as everything that is coming.
    • 1st Class/Week starts Monday 27 May 2024 (We’ll email you the details inside.)
    • (If you are a Google Street View Photographer with no hotspot access, consider the, basic AI option below as you can then share everything you offer including product/service links via AI text and in several languages. (Refer to video as an indication.)
  • No Contracts
Form 2: DIY Agency
$197 Registration
(197 p/month with Stripe thereafter, starting August 2024)

Agency = 2 or more Photographers in one Office or Brand.

This is a highly suggested strategy where you can add multiple 360 Photographers in various areas inside one listing or brand.

Not everyone is an Entrepreneur and in this way you can assist anyone with an income opportunity. Further thinking: We have no idea when AI will ramp up job disruption. This may be more valuable than you think. (More on this strategy inside soon.) 

    • Everything in “Single Photographer” +
    • Your Setup Fee is $197 (Next is 01 August via Stripe for Commision Purposes.)
      • You also have the option to Pay an annual fee of 1970 saving you two months as a bonus.
Form 3: DIY Agency + AI
$370 Registration
(370 p/month with Stripe thereafter, starting August 2024)
  • Basic AI
    • Essentially you will have an conversational AI chatbot on top of your 360 Tour.
      • This is similar to the video on the previous page. You are ahead of the game!!!
      • A client can type “Where do I book a Tour” or “Have you created other tours, or have you got any examples or previous clients” or anything like that and AI will provide the link to the corresponding page for Bookings, Retail Sales (If you sell 360 Cameras for example) or your Portfolio page right inside inside the chat. (Get on the training to see how.)
      • You will be controlling the “Prompt” or “Instructions” or “your “Knowledge Base”. Full training provided.
        • This is where you get the unfair advantage and game!!! Welcome to the Future of AI, Inside 360 Tours.
  • Not Included:
    • We provide a Massive Token Volume (Words in AI Speak), but just in case you go over, those overages are for your account.
      • That said, unless you have a massive client list or marketing budget, you will not need this or by then you will probably have upgraded to full AI anyway. Its coming:

Your Fully Integrated AI options are coming soon. Very Soon.

All listing owners will get first option to upgrade and a massive series of bonuses on these when we open it.