Our Blog/Vlog topics are mainly for Businesses & the Public (Browzors) around technologies that you may be interested in.

How fast things are changing is scary and exciting at the same time. It is time that business owners look at what is possible and make business exciting again. 

That said, lets play.  

Peter Diamandis:

The 6D’s of Exponential Technologies

This video changed my thinking about the future my 5 year old son will have, and for me the desire to help it be a good one. However small that impact may be.

Next-Gen Film making

Even though most are starting to play with green screens on their zoom meetings, film and game makers are on the next version. How long before people can move through your business like this?

Cutting-Edge AI & 3D Technology

We will not be able to book and buy inside a window, right? But a clients small apartment just became a hut in the wilderness. Wow!

How to Use the BrowzorApp

Finally you can travel great distances in secons, visit businesses 24/7/365 and browse, book or buy in the comfort of your home, or as a passenger in a car.