We Duplicate Businesses online by ...
Bringing clients INTO a Business rather than onto a website
With just 1 Form, 1 Booking & Launch 1 Week later without …
Rent, Staff, Stock, Ad Spend or a Website

Step 1: Register

Step 1: Register

One Form and your listing is Done.

The Form creates a listing card automatically. (Naturally its not live before approved, but it will look something like the image below.)

The Listing Card is dynamically created based on your input.

(Live once approved.)

The listing clearly shows the inside of your business.

Included are the business’s Interior Image, Category, Business Name, Type of Business, Area & the Short Description you provided.


Step 2: Digitize

a) Some Businesses have a 360 tour already and they will be sent a form about the business for us to create your AI Chatbot on.

b) If a Business does not have a 360 Tour but made the decision to get listed, we will book a 360 Tour Photographer for you at a suitable time. See below.

Your Client is now INSIDE your Business.

Inside the business, a client can visit every aisle, every room, every floor, or any area you allow.

AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE 24/7/365 via our personalized, conversational AI Assistant provides answers via text or voice as your clients browse the business. Apart from information, clients can also request to book a service or purchase products with the Bot’s assistance.

Information can be displayed via “Hot Spots” and communicated via Text, Image, Video, or Link/s.

Note: Product/Service updates/changes are near instant and can be done via your phone and best of all … no tech knowledge is needed! None!

Step 3: Want to Pre-Register?

  • No Rent, No Staff, No Stock …
  • No Ad Spend on the Platform. (Your Specials & Offers are shared separately at no cost to you.)
  • No Weather, No War, No Riots, No cultural issues, No Techie Chores


These are just some of the Benefits and none of which you have to learn anything about.

We load one area at a time, so register for when we get to yours.