How we list, Automate & Promote Digitized Businesses

Where strangers can browse, book services or buy products 24/7 365, and supported by AI without …

Rent, Staff, Stock, Ad Spend or a Website.

What is a “Digitized Business”?

  1. A digitized business is a duplicate, a replica, a twin, a copy or a 360 degree, digital version of a Real World Business. Note: It is NOT a website. 
  2. How fast & simple is this?: Browzor needs just 7 Days to Duplicate your business online, without the cost of Rent, Staff, Stock, Ad Spend or … a Website
  3. Why do I need it: You do not need it, but once listed, strangers can Find &  Browse, INSIDE your business 24/7/365.
  4. How do I run this? Google Sheets & AI with All your Products & Services on display to Book or Buy. Thats the why. (You do not want anything more do you?)

What is the effort involved for Business Owners?

Learn more on our Free Taining and once decided …

  • 1 Form
  • 1 Booking
  • 1 week later … cashflow.