This is what we need and how we would love to share your value to businesses.

2020, Covid-19 and the Global Lock-down created a tremendous amount of heartache and sorrow. Owners lost their businesses, people lost their jobs and the economy got a hit like never before. 

Rather than creating a typical digital media business that would compete against others, I thought it best to share the opportunity with people who are interested in marketing and perhaps as a result, our clients can reap the much needed benefit of a service provider close to them in a much faster way. 

Our goal is simple. Help businesses get online in a unique way. Help them with a service that is irresistible in its value and undeniable in its execution. In doing so, we decided to add value from the Browzor side and load that on top of the fee you may charge for your marketing services. We will not dictate fees as I believe the market will decide as your offer will be open for all to see. However, I also do not believe in a race to the bottom, so at some point a minimal fee will apply and ratings, service results and experience would become the deciding factor. 

We will be adding this as a listing type service to businesses soon.

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