Pricing Plans

What is the process

  1. If you do not have a 360 tour link of your business, you need to get this first. Do NOT pick a monthly plan as your 1st month is included with our scans. (That can be arranged once everything is done.)
  2. If you have a 360 tour, just pick a plan between Digitized (Monthly) or Digitized (Annual.)

(Limited Time Offer)

The Introductory price of R747 is valid for 12 Months and only for the 1st 20 businesses that book a scan with Browzor. (This introductory offer ends soon.)


(Lifetime Offer)

100 Spots. Once taken, only business that leave can open a slot. 

Case Study:
360 Tours Done Right. (Almost)

  • Great Tour: One of the best I’ve seen out there.
  • Good scan points.
  • Text Hotspot: Yes (Winery Story)
  • Image Hotspot: Yes (The Menu)
  • Video: Yes (Multiple Videos done professionally with excellent information.)
  • Links: Yes (Incl. a Booking of Cottage)
  • Sales: No (Done via website) Nothing wrong, but a direct link in my opinion makes it easier for clients to buy.

We help the marketplace browse, book or buy, when they want to and where they want to.

We do this by digitizing businesses into the palm of the public’s (or Adam Smith’s) hand.

We also do 360 scans, because I believe they’re the future,  fantastic and a lot of fun.

“Change comes before choice, but choice change the quality of your chance.”