Simply Choose what you want/need or are comfortable with.

DIY (Do It Yourself)

One Time Setup Fee: $1250 $690

$370 (Monthly or …)

$3700 (Annually)


  • 360 Tour Listing incl… Your Hotspots?*
  • Search & GEO Location
  • **B-Book (FREE, Quarter Page for Specials in OG Magazine)
  • Mini B-Box (Marketing Goodies)
  • No Contracts

Not Included:

  • Any Photographer Fees, editing costs or editing training. (TBA)


  • *Hotspots are Self Managed.

DWY (Done With You) via Groups

One time Setup Fee: $997

$690, 00 (Monthly) or 

6900 (Annually)


  • Listing
  • Hotspots*
  • B-Book (Half Page in OG Magazine)
  • Essential B-Box
  • Conversational Chatbot for Knowledge Base incl.
    • + Booking Link
    • + Retail Link
    • + Reports (Very Powerfull – This is how you’ll know how much you made from or via your Facebook Page for example?)
    • No Contracts

Not Included

  • Any Photographer Fees, editing costs or editing training. (TBA)


*Hotspots are Self Managed.

Minimum Wage

No Setup Fee, but to timestamp slot: $1250

$1250 (Monthly)

$12500 (Annually)


  • Listing
  • Hotspots (Self Managed)
  • B-Book (Full Page)
  • Full B-Box
  • Smart AI (Covered by 3 x LLM’s and includes Access to All Features incl. )
    • Facebook Messenger***
    • WhatsApp***
    • Instagram***
    • Google Business Messages***
    • Webchat***
    • SMS ***
    • VoiceChat***
    • Email***
    • CRM (Reports & Follow Up)
    • Free Drip Features training:
      • With over 100 potential Features, its going to take a while. Why? No one ever use every one of the smartphone features, but you should know wich ones work for your business. In Year 2, you’ll know excactly what you need to focus on. Talk about an optimized Business! (Just one of the “Do not miss a client again.” features could pay for this entire service.)

Note: We include 1000 000 tokens p/month, but not the following.

*** Overspending above what we include is for your account. Incl. AI features like Voice if the LLM charges seperatley for it.

(That said: This is a massive amount of conversations so probably not for most businesses.)

***CRM calls, sms’s & AI costs.

NOTE: Unique Solutions may require a One Time Development Fee based on Difficulty.

  • Any Photographer Fees, editing costs or editing training. (TBA)
  • Hotspots are self managed.

No Advertising or Marketing Fee is required for this OG’s list.

Minimum Wage

5 Year Special

(Buy 3 years, get 2 years FREE) Limited Time/Volume OFFER

$37 500 Pay us One Time, Managed Thereafter at $197 p/m listing fee. 

Everything in “Minimum Wage”

Next Steps:


1a) You can have a look at our current sample list at browzor.com/ogs 

1b) Note: None of these are currently optimized so have a look at the video below called “AI Inside a Business”.)

2) If you are interested in a particular option (DIY, DWY or Minimum Wage), or would like to remove your business or have questions, please email us at … [email protected]

Please include the following to update your Listing Card or just reference the 1st 4 in order for us to confirm any request.

  • Owner Name:
  • Business Name:
  • Tel:
  • Email:
  • Preferred Image (Send as an attachment please.)
  • Preferred description
  • Industry
  • Specialty
  • Delivery Address:
  • Map Pin on Google (In Google Maps, Click on your GBP red link and copy/paste the address reference.)

For those interested in the “Minimum Wage” option, we will communicate further to create a list of your ENTIRE Menu, as well as set up your “Manage my AI” Sheet.

3) Once you have Ordered your Setup above …

We Set up your listing based on your Ordered Timestamp. Then check in with all the goodies including our YouTube walkthrough with the owner, launch Jun 1st (A month before everyone else.)

Meet you Inside YOUR Business soon.

Assistance to Websites.

A website is NOT a Browzor listing, but we cannot leave you in the dark-ages either. 

GBP (Google Business Profile) Report:

$147: Know what you can/must optimize. One time PDF Report sent to your provided email address.

Chatbot for your Website:

$690: One time Setup: Goal – Create an amazing knowledge base of your business that does not require change.  (Similar to this one.)