Basic Vr Viewer

R62.00 R44.00

White foldable & basic Vr Viewer. Great to see what the fuss is all about.

Considering the postage involved we had to look for the most packageable product available.

The VR viewer folds open to reveal a sucker section where you stick your phone to.

It has the two viewer lenses on the other side with a section to fit your nose.

The quality of the images is not that of the $612.95 Oculus Rift or similar, but that is not the point here. (Note: We do have a black Viewer with better quality at only R25.)

We are trying to introduce what VR is and how you could look around a room. (This technology WILL be in your life soon.)

Kids are learning on it, businesses are training on it and with a good set, well transport you into businesses with it.

One big advantage of this product is that the open compartment allows you to touch the screen without removing it from the viewer.

PS: It’s hand-held, so no strap. (Be careful to not drop your phone.)