Browzor’s Scan (Matterport)


Creation of your 360 Tour & a lot of bonuses.


The Matterport Pro 2 creates some of the most amazing and stable 360 & VR tour options around.

With it we can create a tremendous amount of options and the technology is constantly being improved.

Most of our training (Local & International Spaces) is based on the results of this camera.

Note: The Tour is hosted on Matterport’s servers with a monthly hosting fee and cannot be downloaded. (If you wish and on your request, we can add the hosting to our account, even if scanned by another photographer, and if so, will include it for FREE with your monthly subscription at the current fee structure. )

You will also get a dollhouse view of your business.


Current Bonuses:

  • Photographers FEE
  • Scan of the space
  • Transport (Unless outside of our normal service area.)
  • Rendering of the connected images.
  • We add 3 products/services. (This will be added once you have looked at the FREE training of those 1st three Offers.)
  • We add all relevant communication, social media, and necessary information at a pre-suggested position.
  • FREE Training
  • If Browzor employees do the scan, your 1st-month’s listing is included.
  • Walk Through Videos for exposure on social media.
  • Initial QR Board to place at the front door when you close the physical space. (On Browzor it’s always OPEN, but just in case someone walks by.)
  • And more. (Like our Browzor Box which is soon to be launched.)