VR Viewer (One Time Offer)

R115.00 R25.00

Brilliant VR Viewer for an amazing price. (If compared to a top-quality item for $300)

No hands movement provides for a great experience.

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This item is our better “Close to FREE” item as it is closed and has headset straps.

Quality: For shipping and postage options this item is much better than the white foldable viewer.


  • Closed (for a more immersive VR experience) and needs no hands to hold it.
  • Comfortable Head Straps
  • Steady & Secure holding of the normal size phone. (Nore, oversized phones or tablets will not fit the entire screen for viewing.)


  • The product is made from rubber and folds out to its optimal size.

How to use: You simply slip your phone into the allocated clip holder slot with the VR Image/room or roller coaster ride already on the screen and watch.

Our Matterport Pro2 camera creates VR spaces and with this, you’ll be able to actually immerse yourself in the business by moving your head and see what you would have if you were actually in that business. Note: Not all software options do this, but for now we focus on Matterport.


This is a great 1st option for a glimpse of the technologies that are here already here and constantly being improved with quality and price.