Can people visit your business on a Phone? Sure.

Lets see how your entire business would look/work on a phone.

Imagine someone is in a bus/tram/train/taxi or passenger in traffic.

Can they search, visit, browse book or buy from you? You bet!

Scan the QR Code in the image with your Phone as many of your clients will?

PS: If you are on your phone, scan with another one.

I would love for you to get the mobile experience like most of your clients would.

Step by Step assistance for those that need it regarding QR Codes:

  1. In most modern phones your camera will pick up the link so just point your camera to the QR code.
    1. If not most will swipe down from the top twice to show your Wifi, Mobile connections, sound etc. In there may be your built in QR scanner.
  2. The QR code goes to our chatgptbuilder link and you’ll see the picture of the “Bridge between Real & Digital” next.
  3. Below that are the words … “Want to Duplicate your business without Rent, Staff, Stock or Ad Spend? …
  4. … and below that is a button that reads “Register Here” … Click it and follow the instructions.
  5. Now … what happens is that if the form was filled in properly.
    1. You get a “Welcome” gif, which is just a small, fun, moving image.
    2. The information is sent to a Google Sheet. (That is our choice which I’ll explain at another time, but many integrations are available.)
    3. From there we import it to create your Listing which is in “Pending” mode.
  6. From here we email you. At this point a massive 48 Hour Special is offered exclusively to 360 Tour Photographers and their clients. If this centence is gone though, it will not be available any more.
    1. We’ll build this bot of ours to eventually ask every possible question as we train it on our conversations. …and so will yours. Hope you love Browzor thus far and thank you for your interest.