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Think back to when you started your business and how long that took to set up.
Isn’t it crazy to think that this one form is enough to Duplicate your Entire Business from a clients perspective online?
Imagine you could create a Future Ready, Digital Franchise with No Rent costs, Staff costs, Stock costs, website creation, SEO, ad spend or an entire list of things you would not have to do again or learn how to do from scratch. 
Well, it’s here and this is the threat and the opportunity of exponential AI technology.
I trust you will love what you see when you experience the simplicity. 
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Listing Card Sample:

A Typical Listing Card is similar to this one and so the form below includes all the relevant detail as well as things you may wish to have solved we did not consider. 

Thank you for the insite ahead of time.

Humans cannot keep up with AI, so why not let AI keep up with itself and allow humans to do what they do. 

The Form Below will help us determine what you need or want in addition to what we already do. It will also pre-create your listing card wich will link to a mochup (sample) of a business with AI enabled features installed.
What would you optimize *
What would you like to automate *
What is your biggest AI Fear *
What is your BIGGEST frustration?
What else have you tried? *
Regarding online presence, advertizing, testing etc. What else have you tried that failed?
If possible, whats a massive win? *
What would you pay one time to set it up? *
Think a managed Franchise, but online. If your ENTIRE business could have a copy online with No Rent, Staff, Stock, Weather Closures, Riots, Theft, Website or techie stuff, Keep up with AI worries etc. What would that be worth to you?
What would you pay monthly to keep it up? *
If this could take over most of your online efforts to allow you to focus on what you love and as a result, create amazing customer service, what would you pay towards the tech & management costs monthly?
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