Browzor Duplicate & Promote Real & Amazing Businesses Online …

without Rent, Staff or Stock.

  • To do that we keep it Simple, Fast & Website Free for Business Owners.
  • It takes Just One Form, One Booking & One Week later you are live.
  • Clients, old or new, can Browse, Book or Buy INSIDE your Digitized Business 24/7/365, whilst supported by AI.
  • Knowing how to navigate fast changing times is key, so let’s dive in, and see.

Can Brick & Mortar Businesses really be online without a website?

It’s 2024 and we do NOT need stale and boring old websites, like this one, anymore!

I know that sounds wrong as we are so used to the pressure of establishing an online presence through websites, but what if we changed our thinking about a business’s representation online. 

Let’s be clear here. We are talking about a digitized version of your business online in the simplest, fastest and most cost effective way. Where you know everything and need not communicate years of experience to an techie via email to try to replicate it with columns, blocks design & copy (the wording) at all. No SSL or UX, No SEO or SERP’s. Now, for your website, all that is important, so see below, but for its digital self … 

Duplication over complication.

Managing a website involves numerous tasks like SEO, content creation, website maintenance and a dozen more crucial considerations few ever optimise. A digitized version of your business on the other hand, simplifies everything as it’s intuitive for clients, allowing business owners to focus more on their core operations.

Overcrowded Web Space

With the surge in the number of new daily websites, and Social Media screaming at us all, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to stand out online. Local businesses, however, have the advantage of being a familiar name amongst local customers and … you can literally find them on a map.

Trust Factor

Brick & mortar businesses have a physical presence that instils trust in customers. This trust factor can be leveraged with basic instructions, which can provide personalized customer experiences in a conversational style, rather than an impersonal website without everything you offer.

Cost-Effective: Maintaining a website, especially an e-commerce one, can be expensive and they have no chance at all to show all our products and properly explain all our services. Duplicating your business online on the other hand is like removing Rent, Staff and Stock from a new franchise’s opening cost.

AI and Customer Engagement

Conversational AI can engage multiple customers in real-time, answer their queries, and provide recommendations for often asked information and staff can improve the relationship by truly focusing on the experience rather than the mundane.

Use AI for Better Customer Experiences, Business Decisions & After Sales Service.

AI can provide a summary of a customer’s requests, providing valuable insights for business owners to follow up with what I call “Total Solutions”, rather than the average “Pay for the goods at the counter without investigating if that was all the client needed.”

This Data Hub is often more efficient and accurate than trying to analyze website traffic or asking staff.

External threats. 

We have all been through the 2020 pandemic scenario and had to sit home whilst our business’s doors were closed. Many companies without any online presence were literally cut off. Those that thought their rinky-dink website helped, quickly realised that it did not do a thing at all. Those with optimized sites saw a growth spurt like never before as clients were forced to sit and search as no one answered a phone or replied to an email. Will we have pandemics again? THIS IS THE BUSINESSES CURE FOR COVID’s.

Today, were are dealing with so much more. Weather Storms, floods, fire, hale, hurricanes not only damages brick and mortar, they keep clients away as well.

Municipalities make horrible decisions like some on the US West Coast that allowed drug dependent people to squat outside businesses. Who want to visit there was an obvious reality check. People allowed to run and grab items from the shelves and then protected against restraint and Governments are struggling with the economic reality.

Make no mistake, people are slow to respond but big tech is building a workforce that can talk and walk and we have to consider the probability of both good and bad in the short term. Governments react, they seldom create.

The other side of the AI & Robotics scenario is a Utopia of amazing technology to assist humans and make our lives a breeze, BUT physics suggest Chaos comes before Control. (Watch the next 5 years, carefully.)

So what are we to do? How about we proactively Digitize our businesses against these issues and give ourselves a non-restrictive option to thrive, come what may? (Meteors, Solar Flares & Big Calderas excluded.)

Future-Proofing Your Business: With the rapid advancements in technology, AI is only going to get more sophisticated and prevalent. Embracing and incorporating AI now can help digitized brick & mortar businesses stay relevant in the future, allowing AI for example to keep up with itself, 24/7/365.

Could it be faster and a lot simpler to duplicate a business than to create or maintain a website?

While websites are incredible tools and have their benefits, the future of retail, services and experiences seems to be leaning towards a digitized version of brick and mortar businesses in a way never experienced before and with that said, it’s not really new either, it’s just been fragmented and never had the support of simply brilliant and fast conversational AI as a baked in option. 

Combining the expertise and ability to share experiences and passion via a digitized replica of your business may very be the killer application of the real, future & digital representation for your business you’ve been waiting for.

It’s about time that brick & mortar businesses get the benefit of exploring simplified solutions to enhance their operations and customer experience. After all, in the fast-paced world of technology, staying ahead of the curve is the key to success.

So, knowing a few benefits of a digitized version of your business online is one thing, but is it really simpler and faster to digitize your business with all of your products/services than it is to squeeze the juice out of a lemon version of a website? Oh yes, it’s like getting a glass of orange juice when all you had to do was get in the car and drive over it.

Hi, I am Johann and I’ve been playing with these combination since 2018, but the ideas started in 1998. What you are about to learn is Version 1/5. So bear with me as we role it out slowly and with your input.

  • I believe the future of human value generation is the creation of amazing experiences for others.
  • I believe simplicity is the key as we have overcomplicated everything.
  • AI can talk, Robots can walk. I believe the time is now!

I’ve been playing with the idea of recreating reality for a very, very long time, and when I was introduced to this technology I got that allusive O-WOW feeling.

That was when I founded Browzor with a mission to simplify the use of amazing technologies for everyday business owners and their clients. In 2019 I was too early, but with AI, it is now possible to mix and layer a variety of industries into one as we support them all.

SIMPLE, fast and effective solutions that can serve all the players with the aim to NEVER have to close our doors again. Not just for us entrepreneurial spirits, but also for our clients, as they are worth so much more than a possible UBI. 

7 days, to Duplicate your Business without Rent, Staff, Stock, Ad Spend or a website sound crazy right? Want to see how we do it?

I do go on and on about digitizing your Business a lot don’t I?

Here are some of the training vids we are building.

Peter Diamanis:

The 6 D’s of Exponentials

Browzor …

  1. Digitize your business.
  2. Provides deceptively valuable customer insights.
  3. Resulting in Disruptive, local opportunities.
  4. Dematerialized your physical Business as well as stock.
  5. Effectively Demonetizing Rent, Staff & Stock.
  6.  Democratized “awareness” of EVERYTHING you have to offer.

Lets start with Simplicity:

Reality is Simpler than you think.

Further training inside.

  • How reality distributes value perfectly.
  • How to use this to optimize EVERYTHING, including your goals, circumstances, knowledge and time.
  • How to “link” topics.
  • How to “stack” topics. (Very useful in creating amazing Offers.)
  • … and so much more

Fast: Test “Offers” in Minutes to …

Optimize a digitized business. $$$

Further training inside.

  • Changing your AI info inside Browzor
  • Change a Special or Offer on your phone in seconds.
  • How to never miss a call again. 
  • Samples of current versions and how we are impartial to tech and therefore allow you to stick to what you know, like & love?
  • … and so much more.

We’ll build the curriculum over time, but as a “Browzor Listed” business you can look forward to trainings on ...

How to create amazing customer experiences with your Digitized Business; The 2 Strategies you can go for with all others in-between; Low cost, Self-Serve Options; You redesigned the interior, now what?; What we are building. (Special Sauce?); How the future of Digitized business presence will dilute non AI optimized businesses with AGI. (3-5 years?); FREE training by experts throughout the year as we grow with you.

But wait, there’s more! (LOL, That sound so salesy on a website, right 🙂

Join the Movement to remove all physical threats from your business, to share it with clients, anywhere, any time and on any smart device, 24/7/365 and to finally own your IP, and should you be interested in selling your business, now you’ll have data to show what it is truly worth.

Naturally, there’s all the benefits of being truly “GREEN” with you new Franchise as it has no Concrete footprint, requires no client to drive there and if you can gain some carbon benefit or tax, we’ll share how at some point as well. Who knows what tax’s we’ll have to pay in the future, but you can’t argue against this.

Assuming you are interested … and why not right? What can you expect to find inside.

Customer Experience.

Enhances customer engagement and allows customers to explore INSIDE your business at their own pace and whilst browsing, they may just pick up that thing, like we all do. If they are looking for something specific, this opportunity ads "perfect timing" to the mix.


Your business has information you want to share with the world. We have made it so easy to change EVERYTHING that all you need is to change the item on your computer or phone and its changed online.


Oh my, dare I say fun on an business page? Well, if we are going to learn how to create experiences for our clients, we may as well add a natural smile to it. There is so much to talk about, but I thought I'd add this one since no one else ever does.

5 Star Testimonials.

As we have not launched yet, allow me to share some of the testimonials and results from amazing products, services and technologies we include for you.


I like the user interface, it is extremely easy to use and allows us very good quality .


Perfect way to make your leads/visitors explore any kind of physical place.


Life changing software Flexibility to build almost anything inside, and brand it as your own.


... a user-friendly platform with outstanding support and the ability to handle a wide range of use cases.


A useful and easy-to-use tool due to its functions they are exactly what were looking for


The platform is easy to use, all the needed integrations are already there for you. The community is fantastic, also love the educational part


I like how you are friendly it is and how communicative they are. There's literally a health doc for everything. Customer service is easy to get a ...

Next step:

Rolling out slowly, but … Here is what you can have access to.